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Skyla Spencer is one of Nashville's most multi-talented ladies.  A highly sought out Entertainer, Skyla wears many hats in life. Skyla is the reigning  Ms. All World Beauties US 2016-2017 queen. Skyla’s platform is to bring awareness to Thyroid Disease. She was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism over four years ago and is making it one of her life goals to help others who suffer with this chronic illness. She most recently launched a Thyroid Awareness/Support group in Nashville, TN. Visit

Skyla is also a Singer, Songwriter, Choreographer, Dancer, Emcee, Line Dance Instructor, Motivational Speaker, Entrepreneur, Published Author, and Actress. She has her original music on country radio, and is currently writing and recording again. 

She was named best Celebrity choreographer for Nashville in March 2017 by Billboard Magazine, and was nominated for Best Local Celebrity this year for Toast of Music City.

Skyla recently officially launched her own entertainment & production company titled Skyla Spencer Entertainment in August 2017. This company provides entertainment for special events, and has over 20 members in the company. Skyla and The SSE dancers will entertain corporate events and bring a little of Nashville to your event. Visit SSE website for more information.